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Alex and Ilia
A funny comic by the talented Mr. Pin about two heroes in the aftermath of their heroism.
The trick is, said heroes are a married boy and a space alien cat-like lizard.

Falling Angel's Used Books
Absolutely breathtaking art, and an intricate, involving storyline. It's about
a bookshop owner, and the little girl with wings who stirs
quite a bit up...

Gunmetal Annie
Dana, a normal human, and her shape-shifting alien friend Greg leave their home to pursue adventures with a snappy android and the Gunmetal Annie crew.

Loxie And Zoot
It's a comic about a nudist colony, and how it struggles to survive in a place
where this prudish dude hates 'em. Tons of nudity, but NOTHING sexual.
A very charming comic!

Nishichi 27 is a silly parody about a disturbingly silly duo
who bump into a mysterious little brat - *cough* - I mean, girl...

About a grumpy cop living in a futuristic world with oppressed androids and the like. Wonderfully stylistic art and realistic characters.

Silverknight's Sanctuary
A plug for my dear friend's artwork page - beautful stuff, man. She colored THIS amazing Batman fan-comic.

Treading Ground
A great strip about a guy, his rather sucky life, and his nerve-wrackingly
illegal relationship with the 16-year-old "girl nextdoor..."

Twice Destined
Don't let the nun-fanservice throw you off. This is an amazingly-drawn story
about two women in different ages of the world, with their own trials and terrors
to spare.


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