These are all my wonderful contributors of fanart. Thank you again for all your work! If I've messed up your link, tell me so.










I've just received two fanarts from T McCaine Studios!

This was done by my friend Rob, an amazing renderer. O_O My first wallpaper - yay!


I just received this hot hot hot Feyanne fanart from Jade R! It truly touches me that someone would still bother with fanart after all this time. Jade R., you are quite awesome. :D

My friend drew this for me. >_> I'll finish it...somday...


Here's a NEW one from KensouX, artist of The Fan. I like his comic - my kinda humor. =)


This was done by my friend Rob, an amazing renderer. O_O My first wallpaper - yay!

This was my first fanart! I'm trying to remember exactly who drew this. Was is 'Disgruntled Peony'? Dang it, it was so long ago...

I'm almost completely sure that Moki drew this one.

[AOD] did this for me! Very cool - very stylistic.

Ha ha ha! Moki drew it, since at that point it had become an all-too-common angle to see Rika at.

Mecury Hat, artist of Gunmetal Annie whipped up this amazing fanart for me. Kickass work, Hat!

On the Keenspace forums, a newcomer gave himself quite the first impression by posting fanart for his favorite comics. I have to say, I SOOOO did not expect to be up there - but I scrolled down and saw this deliciously sneaky-looking Rika grinning at me. WP, do you have a webcomic yet? That way I can link you in amongst my fanartists! That goes for anyone else who wants a link with their fanart.

"Chibis on Parade" - brought to you by Chuck, the artist of Crooked Halo.

......No comment.

In a moment of need and desperation (back when I actually updated, gasp), K-Dawg-the-wonderful sent me this in the nick of time. He's the artist of Angry D. Monkey.

At yet another time of need, Mercury Hat sent me this shibby guest strip. I've said it once, now I'll say it again - go read Gunmetal Annie.


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